The Charter Bus

The fleet of buses that we offer includes 18-passenger minivans, 56-passenger charter buses and a wide variety of other vehicles. They are driven by professional, trained drivers who know the city and region well and are always looking for the quickest and safest route to your destination should unforeseen traffic conditions or another reason cause the originally planned route to no longer be as viable an option as it had been.


The Mini Bus

Sprinter vans seat 12-16 travelers, and minibuses can transport 12-25 passengers. These vehicles are perfect for groups of those sizes as they provide a cozy transportation option but also one that offers enough room to be comfortable and relaxed while en route to the destination. When your group is ready to depart, our vehicle will be there with sliding doors that provide easy access inside and plenty of room for legs as well as bags.


The Entertainer Bus

We also understand how important sleep is to performers and have outfitted our buses with spacious, comfortable beds and linens. They are separated from the rest of the bus so that privacy can be enjoyed. America's Finest City is one of the world's premier entertainment venues as top artists come here throughout the year to entertain locals and visitors alike, and we are proud of being able to provide transportation options for many of these entertainers during their time in our beloved city.