San Diego is a great place to get married. In fact, many dream of tying the knot on the beach, and America's Finest City is home to some of the world's best beaches while plenty of other incredibly beautiful wedding venues are also available throughout the San Diego metropolitan area. A couple of options for those who do want an oceanside wedding include the historic Hotel del Coronado and the tranquil Inn at Sunset Cliffs.


California's southernmost major city is a great one to explore before the wedding as well, and it's also a place to seriously consider as a honeymoon destination too, especially since many newlyweds fly out to San Diego immediately after getting married elsewhere. You won't have to worry about that extra hassle if you just decide to do both in the same place, and the cost of transporting you and your spouse to your honeymoon location can instead be spent on further enjoying yourself during this special time.


Another important transportation expense to take into account is transporting yourself and your guests to all of your wedding events, and taking advantage of one or more of the buses and vans that we offer will provide everybody with a convenient transportation option. Better than having your guests drive in their own cars and having to pay for gas and navigate Southern California traffic, everybody can be together, ensured of arriving at the same time and able to use the Wi-Fi and power outlets that will be available to catch up on emails and do anything else that needs to be done online. This also provides your guests with a perfect opportunity to post pictures and updates to their social media pages so that those who were unable to make the trip can be involved too.


Other amenities that may be enjoyed on the vehicles that we offer, which can seat up to 56 passengers, include LED lights and surround sound, which are perfect for creating a party atmosphere on your way to and from the fun activities that have been planned. You could ask the driver to take your group to a place like Temecula Valley Wine Country, wineries located just north of San Diego County, 60 miles from downtown. Perhaps a trip to a bar or a nightclub is in order. The Gaslamp Quarter is home to plenty. A San Diego Padres game could be perfect for a sports-loving group. Maybe a trip to the spa would suit the group better. You could always split the group into two if some want to go to the game while others would like to be pampered instead.


Of course, don't forget the beach! Having the bus take your group on an impromptu trip to the beach at sunset can be a wonderful surprise for those on the bus. La Jolla Shores Park is one of many stunning beaches in the San Diego area that would be perfect for that purpose.

Regardless of where everybody goes during the days surrounding your wedding, ensuring that they will arrive at those destinations at the same time will serve as a source of relief for you, a positive as you want to feel as little stress as possible during this joyous time. You also don't have to keep track of who's arrived and who hasn't if you are taking advantage of a bus or minivan as opposed to people arriving in staggered time periods in their own vehicles.


When your big day is nearing, make sure to ride in luxury, style and comfort with San Diego Charter Bus Company. Give our friendly staff a call – we're available 24/7 – and we will ensure that the best vehicle(s) for your group are made available and that the transportation planning that needs to be done during this time period is taken care of as much as possible now while also allowing you to have the flexibility to make last-minute changes.



Our vehicles offer plenty of room that can be used to store things that will be used in the wedding or during wedding-related events. Perhaps you want to transport your photographer and need to make sure that all of this person's equipment can fit and that Wi-Fi access will be readily available to upload the photos to the online destinations of your choice. Let us know, and we will make sure that these needs will be taken care of.


We know that planning a wedding can be a time-consuming and sometimes stressful process, and we want to remove as much of that stress as we can with what we have to offer. We will always go the extra mile for you, both when we are setting up one or more vehicles for you on your wedding day as well as during the special days preceding and following it.